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The trusted masonry contractors for tuckpointing Chicago

March 31, 2021by adminBlog0

Everywhere you look in Chicago you will see masonry work. From entire houses to chimneys, garden walls, and fireplaces, brickwork has been the backbone of construction for millennia. For its beauty, strength, and durability, bricks are preferred by many. Unfortunately, even though bricks last a long time, the mortar between them needs to be maintained through masonry service like tuckpointing.

If you are in the need of masonry restoration, our professional masonry contractors can help. Masonry Chicago is more than just a trade, it is an art, and our tuckpointing contractors are not only skilled in reinforcing your bricks during chimney, wall, and other structural repairs, but also in seamlessly matching the repaired area to the rest of the building, so it looks like new. It is important to have an expert deal with brick masonry Chicago for many reasons; did you know that the classic Chicago Common Brick that was used in most structures is not made anymore, and requires different mortar than modern brick? Our masonry contractors do, and they will always make sure to follow the right process. Whether you need preventative tuckpointing or full-on repairs, our masonry company Chicago will send the best of the best, so your brickwork looks its best, and will last.